Mallika Sherawat paid Rs4 lakh per minute for New Year’s performance?

Actress Mallika Sherawat has walked away with the cream at a time when A-listers are keeping away from performing on New Year’s Eve. Sources say that Mallika is netting in a cool sum for her half hour appearance at 11 pm at a private hotel — estimated to be around Rs4 lakh per minute.

“She has been paid an advance, which is more than seventy five per cent of the total fees. The organisers will pay her more if she decides to stay for a longer duration on stage. She is the highest paid performer for the New year bash this year,” informs a source.

With most A-list actors staying away, the New Year parties have come as a boon for other stars, who are making most of the opportunities coming their way. Sources say that the real reason for A-listers staying away is because most hotels have pruned their budgets this year.

“Some stars wanted a 25 per cent hike from the money that they earned last year, and that was the least amount that they were negotiating. The hotels have downgraded their budgets because some of them couldn’t meet the targets they had set for the New Year bashes last year,” adds the source.

“There was no reason for me to dance anywhere this time, because hotels are not willing to spend and more so, they were not ready to improve on the fees that I charged two years back. How can I work with a salary that I got two years back?” quipped a leading actor.

Some of the hotels have also included few more sops for actors as perks — free membership to their spas and complimentary stays at their properties for a stipulated time.

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